Our Assignment:

Zone 28 - I.D. Esme Flanders, 24, Ireland. Occupation: Researcher.

"We came to the Amazon years ago for a cure — Their cure.  A root that grows deep underground in the far reaches of the jungle." - Esme

Progress to date:

"The results have been encouraging for our team and the outposts.  The sores have healed.  No still births have been reported.  No deformities.  Some of us are living past 40 and no longer losing our eyesight.  We seem to have been able to keep the madness at bay.  We haven’t been able to cure it, but we’ve contained it within our camps.  The lunacy side affects are still a mystery." - Esme

Follow us on our journey:

"We continue to navigate this new world, suppressing the knowledge and fear that each expedition may be our last." - Esme


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